CE-5  Protocols (Close encounters of the fifth Kind)

What is CE-5?

CE-5 is a human initiated contact with the Extra Terrestrials.
It's a process of meditation and thought projecting your location for the ET to vector their crafts close to you in your location. This is only done with love in your being and graduate and humble kindness.
  Dr. Steven Greer came up with the protocols for people to follow, back in the early 1990s, before then there was RAMA, a similar method of calling on the Extra Terrestrials that was practiced in south America.

Lance believes that our consciousness is ever evolving, even after physical death, the Extra Terrestrials  are bringing the message that God is within all of us and unconditional love for all things. Our consciousness spirals upwards with every life time, as we learn and progress closer to understanding the god truth within. Lance feels the Spirit and E.T connection should not be treated as different, they are one of the same consciousness.

Below is some of the contact that he has received since practicing CE-5 protocols.